What did u notice?

-Soon the super computer will exceed the computational capacity of the human brain
-We are preparing children for jobs that do not exist yet
-Things are moving faster than we can keep up with

What does this mean for us as educators?

-We are educating the people that will one day run our country and world. So, we need to teach them more than just what they need to know, but how to solve problems and deal with issues that we do not even know exist yet. As a teacher we need to stay on top of the new technology. However, this does not mean the basic skills, such as math, spelling, handwriting, reading, etc. are no longer important. If one day things all crashed and were gone, our students and children need to know what to do. Technology is a blessing and should be used to make lessons more dynamic and open the children's horizons, but it does not mean that necessary skills are dropped at the waste side.



Should we engage students to make relationships between technology and art?