-Children are GREAT noticers
-Children tend to define themselves by what they do and do not see in popular culture
-Ask yourself if the children are making their own decisions or are you spoon feeding them
-Always important to demonstrate
-->Don't assume everyone knows what you are talking about
-What they say and do are two different things

Essential Questions:

-Inquiry (discovery) comes first
-They can spark ideas for big ideas, lessons, etc.

Big Ideas:

-General things that everyone can relate to in some way:-->War-->Family-->Self-->Music-->Dark & Light-->Freedom/Independence-->Sports-->Death-->Symbols-->Materialism-->Cartooning-->Friends

-Can get ideas from:-->Contemporary Artists-->Magazines/Books-->TV/Video/Movies
-->Video Games

-Try to guide more original ideas

Big Idea Lesson Ideas:

1.) Self --> Radial Name Design

2.) Patriotism --> American Pride Drawing

3.) Heroes --> Portrait of Your Hero

4.) Symbolism --> The Art of Camouflage

5.) Conflict --> Look at Picturing Conflict Link

6.) Sports --> Sports Relief Sculpture

7.) Place --> Tunnel Books (you could have the students make the books representing one of their favorite places)

8.) Music --> Shaving Cream Marbling (you could have the students listen to music and create the marbling based off the way the music moves them)

9.) Friends--> Friend Ad (instead of saying why they are a good friend the ad could have what the student looks for in a friend)

10.) Cartooning --> Comic Book or Comic Strip Design