It is not just about different cultures, but also different artists, genders, races, etc. When you use multicultural art you do not want to do projects that are stereotypical to cultures, such as totem poles. You want to use different cultures, genders, races, etc. as inspiration for lessons and projects.


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Multicultural Art Lesson Ideas

1.) Adinkra Inspired Pillows

2.) Mesoamerican Codex Books

3.) Norval Morrisseau Inspired Lesson--> it says for 3rd Grade and up, so you could just adjust what you want the students to create and what you expect for older students

4.) Inuit Carving

5.) Chinese Ink Painting

6.) Mimbres Cearmic Bowls

7.) Mythology in European Art --> you could do this lesson, but instead of making them recreate the Rembrandt's The Abduction of Europa you could show many different artists mythic paintings and talk about techniques and have students use the techniques instead of recreating something

8.) Paper Molas

9.) Aboriginal Bark Painting

10.) Tessellations